Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)

To the casual spectator, the sport of gymnastics may seem elegant and simple, but this surface beauty and simplicity can be deceptive. Years of training, conditioning, and practice go into each and every performance. Gymnastics isn’t necessarily about winning or losing competitions… for the athletes, it is about the feeling of flying through the air, sticking a perfect landing, and the excitement of learning a new skill. Many gymnasts love gymnastics for the person it has helped them become.

At CCGC, our WAG Program consists of Team Xcel, Junior Olympic, and High-Performance levels. For each of these programs, our professional coaching team is looking for individuals with talent in gymnastics as well as other qualities, which may include: age, ability, body type, determination, flexibility, and competitive drive. Gymnasts are typically identified from the recreational program by the Women’s Competitive Program Director.

The Team Xcel program serves as a bridge between our recreational and Junior Olympic Programs. The goal of Team Xcel is to provide gymnasts, of all abilities and commitment levels, the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience. These athletes will compete at local and in-house invitationals and will be required to train a minimum of 5 hours per week.

The Junior Olympic (JO) Program is designed for gymnasts who are 6 years of age and up who demonstrate above average ability for the sport of gymnastics. These athletes will train a minimum of six hours per week. They will compete at invitational competitions as well as Trials for a spot to represent CCGC at Provincial Championships.

The High-Performance Program is for gymnasts who are 9years of age and up who demonstrate exceptional ability for the sport of gymnastics. These athletes will train a minimum of twenty hours per week. They will compete at invitational competitions, as well as Provincials and Trials to Westerns for a spot to represent on Team Alberta at the Western Canadian Championships and National Championships.

WAG Competitive Tryouts

It’s that time of year again! We are looking for new athletes to join our CCGC women’s program! Is your daughter looking for more of a challenge to further their gymnastics skills? If so, this is their opportunity! 

If your daughter is interested in any of our competitive programs (CCP, Team Xcel) please contact our WAG Program Director Sam W. (samw@capcitygym.com) to book an assessment.

After your assessment, each athlete will be contacted via email with either an invitation to join a specific program or a recommendation for an appropriate recreational program! Please refer to the Capital City Gymnastics Centre website for descriptions of the various competitive and recreational programs offered. Please reach out to Sam W. if you have any questions.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing our WAG program grow!


Stay tuned for competition pictures and results!

Team Xcel

The Xcel Program was created as a national program in 2013, and by design, allows gymnasts to begin competing at a lower skill level than the Junior Olympic program.  As designed through USA Gymnastics: “Xcel is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts.  The goal of Xcel is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience.”

Xcel is a USA Gymnastics sanctioned recreational-competitive team, adopted by Gymnastics Canada. In the last several years, Xcel has developed into its own full program, with levels Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. These levels coincide with the Junior Olympic Levels in the High-Performance route.

The gymnasts will have their own routines which they will have the opportunity to compete!

The gymnasts work with the coaches and will pick floor music that fits their personality and style! Our competition season for Xcel begins in January and typically ends in early May; however, Xcel team girls train 10 months a year (September to June), with the option to continue training during the summer to maintain their skills.

The Xcel program was created to keep gymnasts involved and excited about the sport. In many other sports, athletes can start competing in games and tournaments very quickly after they begin. However, with gymnastics, this is not the reality. Athletes in gymnastics will train for several years before meeting the necessary requirements to be able to compete. The Xcel program bridges the gap and allows gymnasts to start competing sooner, by lowering the skill requirements at the entry level.

In addition to the basic entry levels, the Xcel program also has more advanced levels that allow gymnasts to keep competing in the Xcel program as they progress to higher level skills. The Xcel program is ideal for not only entry-level gymnasts, but also older gymnasts that are looking for a fun way to stay in shape and be involved in the sport.

Our WAG/Xcel Coaching Staff

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