Capital City Gymnastics Centre offers several different programs for athletes of all ages and abilities. Our recreational classes run mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends.  

The Recreational Program offers classes for boys and girls from age 18 months to adult. We have classes that cater to all levels including special needs, birthday parties, gym rentals, corporate events and private classes.

We also offer Trampoline & Tumbling, Teen Classes, Adult Gymnastics and Boys only classes.

Note: All recreational classes are required to pay an annual $55.00 AGF Insurance Fee that renews July 1st of every year.  This fee includes AGF insurance as well as AGF and GCG admin fees.  CCGC members receive discounted birthday party prices, early bird registration for upcoming sessions and more!

Program Goals

The Recreation Program at Capital City believes in creating a fun, fitness experience while learning the fundamentals of gymnastics. People of all ages are able to come into the gym and be physically active while exploring different kinds of movement such as jumping, twisting, swinging, climbing and springing. Gymnastics improves strength, flexibility, fine motor skills, balance and coordination while having fun. The skills learned at gymnastics benefits each individual when participating in all other sports.

Each gymnast involved in recreational gymnastics at CCGC is encouraged to reach their own potential. We believe that gymnastics teaches children that they can succeed in things and aids in building confidence and self-esteem. Recreational gymnastics is intended to be fun and make children feel good about themselves. The skills and determination young gymnasts learn can benefit them in all aspects of their lives. We encourage, in all participants, the development of personal character, good sportsmanship, honesty, courage, persistence, and dedication.


First Class: What to Expect

First Day Info….
Our main focus in providing recreational gymnastics classes is to ensure that the classes are fun for all gymnasts while being active and safe.

  1. Please observe the classes from the viewing area. To ensure your child’s safety, please refrain from speaking to your child while they are in class.
  2. For the safety of your child, please remain with them until they are on the gym floor with their coach. As well, help your child learn who their coach is, and their name.
  3. Please do your best to be on time for all classes. Also, please ensure prompt pickup. Many of our classes run back to back, so it can get congested in the front foyer area. We thank you for doing your part to cut down on this congestion.
  4. Please remember that although our coaches are often young, they are fully certified and are well qualified. All employees have First-Aid and CPR training and First-Aid and AED stations are located throughout the gym and office areas.

Please note the following to ensure that you and your children are well prepared for your class.

Please be on time for all classes to ensure that the gymnasts have a proper warm-up at the beginning of each class.

Jackets and bags must be hung in the viewing area, and shoes stored on the shelves in the front entrance.

For safety reasons children should wait on the benches until their coach begins the class. Please be careful to keep your children off the equipment before the class begins to ensure their safety.

Gym Attire
Bodysuits are available for purchase at the front desk (but are not necessary for class).
Shorts/sweats and a t-shirt are preferred. Avoid clothing with buttons, zippers, snaps or anything that could catch on equipment.
Longer hair should always be secured in a ponytail.
No jewelry, no gum, no shoes or socks!
Please cover all warts with a Band-Aid or gym tape.

Parent Attire for Parent and Tots and Tumblebugs
Track pants, sweats, or shorts.
T-shirt, sweatshirt, tank top, etc.
Socks are ok, but no shoes.

Missed Classes, Cancellation, and Refund Information

We hope you won’t need it, but just in case you do have questions or concerns around missed classes, cancellation or refunds – please see our corresponding policy or email our office for inquiries.



Recreational Coaching Staff

Capital City Gymnastics Centre

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